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How much concrete
did we save?

= 28 fewer full concrete mixers on the track!
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An EXOBOX can be anything you want it to be. It can serve as a tiny cosy house or a sleek pool house. But it can very well be a fully functioning office, creative space, pop-up store, (wo)man cave, storage space, additional living space added to your house, outdoor kitchen, workshop, showroom, wine tasting area or intergenerational home. Another plus: you can move it around, it is fully insulated and has an undestructable steel frame and an interior matching your style, taste & desire. We can even make it a garage!

An EXOBOX can be all that and more. Just please don’t use it as a simple log cabin.

Why choose Exobox?

The way we work

A full-fledged house. In a box.
Going to work... in your own backyard.
That holiday feeling. Lazing by your swimming pool.

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