An EXOBOX is a movable, insulated outbuilding with a steel frame and a finished interior. An EXOBOX can serve as a tiny house or a pool house. But it can just as well be used as an office, hobby space, pop-up store, man cave, storage space, living room, outdoor kitchen, workshop, showroom, tasting area or intergenerational home. Fitted with an additionally reinforced floor slab, it can also serve as a garage.

An EXOBOX can be all that and more. All except a log cabin.

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Tell us what your wishes are and we will design your EXOBOX to match them perfectly.
We will sit down together to see how to position your EXOBOX to its best advantage in your garden.
All is possible, nothing is obligatory. It is OK for you to relax and let us handle everything.

Believe our clients